Learn the Unique Strategies that Over-Fifties Specialist Will Harlow Uses to Help Clients Return to a Life Without Pain Killers, Surgery or Missing Out on the Things They Enjoy!

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Thriving Beyond Fifty: 78 Natural Strategies to Restore Your Mobility, Avoid Surgery & Stay Off Pain Pills in Your Fifties... and Beyond!

Will Harlow's brand new published book is a complete guide for over-fifties and seniors who want to lead long, healthy lives without many of the common health problems that most consider "unavoidable"!

We live in times where life expectancy is creeping up year after year; but if you've got no quality of life to enjoy in these years, then what's the point?

Sadly, even with an abundance of new medical research, painful problems still continue to torment over-fifties... but despite what your doctor may have told you, many of these problems aren't just "due to your age" and can actually be remedied - providing you know how!

In a collection of chapters targeting each part of the body, your general health and even your mind, over-fifties specialist physiotherapist Will Harlow shows you how to safeguard your health, ward off painful problems and remain mobile and independent - no matter your age.

You'll learn:

  • The 9-step process to identifying problem areas in your body - and how to fix them.
  • The best exercises for over-fifties - that ensure mobility and strength for years to come.
  • The surprising health secrets your GP never told you about coffee and tea.
  • Why "take rest and pain killers" is often terrible advice - and what to do instead.
  • How to tell if a problem really is just due to your age - or whether the power is in your hands to change it.
  • How the media has lied to you about certain health supplements - and which ones can actually make a dramatic difference.
  • The keys to living an independent, pain-free, active life in your fifties... and beyond!

Armed with the knowledge within this book, you'll be able to ward off the effects of ageing, and make the most of enjoying YOUR time (and time with family) in retirement, free from the torment of common yet thoroughly preventable health problems.

Because it isn't "all downhill from here" after fifty - life is only just beginning!