Optimum Knee Health is an online entity with one simple goal: to be the number one resource to help people over the age of fifty maintain, improve and safeguard the health of their knees!

The kind of people we help are active, health-conscious people over fifty who hate the idea of losing mobility and independence due to poor knee health later in life.

The people we help agree with us that pain killers, injections and surgery should be a last resort – and are looking to do everything they can to improve their knee health in a natural way.

optimum knee health

Inside Optimum Knee Health, you'll find:

  • In-depth articles providing guidance on identifying different knee injuries and problems that affect the knees of over-50's
  • Clear and instructive videos demonstrating tips and techniques for improving the health of your knees
  • Advice on preventing poor knee health and maintaining independence later in life
  • Simple steps to improve strength, mobility, flexibility and ensure healthy, happy knees
  • And finally, our complete guide to ensuring optimal knee health after retirement: The Optimal Knee Health Programme

About Will Harlow


Will Harlow is a chartered physiotherapist, physiotherapy clinic owner and published author.

Will graduated from Brunel University in 2015, achieving a distinction grade and winning the "Best Dissertation" award, before taking jobs in the NHS and professional football. He went on to set up his business, HT Physio, in Surrey in 2018. Will published his second book, Thriving Beyond Fifty, in the Spring of 2020, which has received accolades world-wide.

Will started Optimum Knee Health in 2021 in an attempt to solve the rapidly growing problem of poor knee health in over-fifties, the population that he has the most passion for serving.