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We help active over-fifties & seniors to improve knee health, regain confidence & maximise mobility.

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Our flagship programme, designed to help over-fifties and seniors to regain and maintain knee health throughout life.

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We don't believe that over-fifties should have to accept poor mobility, loss of confidence and worsening stiffness as "just a part of getting old".

Over-fifties specialist physiotherapist Will Harlow started Optimum Knee Health with a mission. He wants to help over-fifties all over the world to improve and maintain the health or their knees – even if the doctor told them that nothing can be done.

Within Optimum Knee Health, you'll find expert guidance on improving knee health, in-depth articles on identifying and resolving common knee problems, and our flagship Programme that teaches you everything you'll need to know about maintaining knee health into retirement and beyond.

Over 70% of knee health problems are preventable and treatable – the goal of this website is to show you how!

Learn the 7 Knee Health Secrets that Every Senior Should Know!

Inside our free 35-page guide, over-fifties specialist physiotherapist Will Harlow reveals the knee health secrets that EVERY senior should know to help them improve and maintain mobility, avoid risky surgery and live a life free from pain pills.
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Thriving Beyond Fifty

78 Natural Strategies to Restore Your Mobility, Avoid Surgery & Stay Off Pain Pills in Your Fifties... and Beyond!

Thriving Beyond Fifty is Will Harlow's brand new book, dedicated to sharing some of his best strategies for maintaining health, mobility and independence in your fifties and beyond!

You'll learn how to ensure health in mind, body and spirit with 78 strategies designed to show anyone of retirement age how to say goodbye to pain and suffering so they can get on with ENJOYING life!

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